Month: April 2017

Craving Coffee? Munch on These Coffee-Flavored Foods

Coffee has a cult-like following as many people learn to depend on the caffeinated beverage. America’s coffee addiction has brewed into endless flavor combinations featuring the familiar coffee taste. For the days when it seems like you’ll never get enough coffee, try one of these other coffee-flavored treats to satisfy your cravings. Coffee Milk If you’re lucky enough to live in Rhode Island, you might be drinking coffee milk. Coffee milk is made when Autocrat, a flavored syrup, gets stirred into regular milk. The result is a Rhode Island specialty. Kids even get this flavor of milk as an...

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Upper Body Strength Powers Triathlon Performance

It’s easy to scoff at the meatheads with huge biceps but there are some real benefits to having good upper body strength. A strong upper body increases your confidence in a couple ways. There’s no doubt that your arms and shoulders will look good but you’ll also feel more confident in yourself and your abilities. For example, you’ll never have to ask for help opening that stubborn jar of pickles. Triathletes will find upper body strength training especially useful in improving their race performance. What Is Your “Upper Body”? Upper body is a general term that describes the muscles...

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Southeast Asia should be your next trip. Here’s why

No matter what you’re looking for in a vacation destination, Southeast Asia offers it and more. With bustling cosmopolitan areas, ancient temples, towering mountains and pristine beaches, Southeast Asia is a traveler’s paradise. The Southeast Asian region includes countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Each of these destinations offers a unique travel experience but all of them are spectacular. Affordable living Food, drinks and lodging throughout Southeast Asia are much more affordable than in America or Europe. Since massages are cheaper in Asia too, you can relax knowing that your vacation won’t break the bank. Travel throughout the...

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6 US Vacation Destinations

The United States is a full of gorgeous scenery and incredible destinations. With such an expansive area full of travel options, we’ll help you narrow it down to find the perfect vacation spot. Here are six of our favorite US vacation destinations. Miami, Florida Miami Beach, Florida is known for its sandy beaches and abundant sunshine. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens are a showcase for exotic plants. The Little Havana neighborhood is full of authentic Cuban cuisine and a slice of Cuban culture. A thrilling nightlife scene helps secure Miami as one of the best vacation spots in the US....

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No Excuses: 4 Triathlon Myths Debunked

Triathlon races and the training that comes before them are plagued by misconceptions. The myths surrounding triathlons are often the reason people avoid participating in them. We’ve debunked some of the most common triathlon myths. Myth: Triathlons Are Longer Than Marathons This myth is kind of true. A full Ironman race includes a full marathon, a 3800-meter swim and a 112-mile bike ride. Ironmans are obviously more than a marathon but most triathlons are much shorter than that. Sprint triathlons are as short as swimming 500 meters, biking 12 miles and running only three miles. Basically, a triathlon is...

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