Month: May 2017

Explore North America on a Wild Animal Expedition

Every year, people travel across Africa in search of a wild safari adventure with elephants, rhinos, giraffes and lions. North America doesn’t have lions but it does have mountain lions and bears. Amazing wild creatures are prowling through the forests, roaming over the prairies, floating through the sky and swimming through the ocean. Here are some animals to track down on a North American safari. Grizzly Bears Grizzlies, or brown bears, are one of North America’s fiercest animals. These bears roam throughout the Alaskan countryside but Denali National Park is one of the best places to search for them....

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Fuel Your Triathlon with These Meal Plans

The days leading up to a triathlon are filled with all kinds of emotions. It’s easy to feel unprepared. You’ll wonder if you can even finish, let alone meet your goals. There’s extra stress as you try to squeeze in last minute training without tiring yourself out for the race. All of these nerves can tie your stomach up in knots and make you lose your appetite. Don’t let the worry stop you from getting enough fuel for the big event. Nutrition is not only important for a good race day performance, but also for an easier recovery. Experienced...

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Good Investors Are Good for Business

Investors can make or break a startup company. The right investors will help you build a foundation of solid ideas and advice, as well as providing financial backing for your startup. A bad investor can lead you off track and leave you in frustration. Knowing how to attract the right investors for you and your startup will make the difference between profit and problems for your startup. Network Before You Need Money Develop connections with potential investors before your startup is in desperate need to financial backing. This gives you more time to research investors and cultivate those relationships...

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