Matt Westenburg Talks Tech

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.” When giving us this important reminder about the importance of travel, famous author John Steinbeck failed to mention that trips also take money. These apps can help cut down traveling expenses and your excuses for not getting to where your next adventure might take you.

Ride Guru

You have to consider a lot when finding the cheapest ride in a new city: how far you’re traveling, the area cab company’s minimum charge in the area, their average cost per mile, Uber’s surge pricing. Ride Guru knows that’s too much math to be doing on vacation, so they do it for you. They compare cab and top ride sharing app prices for you to see all of your options in one place.


Sorry if you were expecting a hot take on new cheap lodging apps, but Airbnb is still the undisputed leader in price friendly stays. Other apps have had success specializing in sharing high-end apartments and holiday homes, yet, still, the best place to lay your head on a budget is Airbnb.

Matt Westenburg

The Lonely Planet

The greatest value in the most thorough and engaging travel guide app on the market is not its award winning features and contributors. It’s the freebies. Going through a city’s travel guide can be incredibly clutch if you can scroll through the “Top Choice” sights and highlight which ones don’t require any cost of admission.


Bear with me here. I know access to the world’s biggest online shopping marketplace does not seem like the best way to save money when traveling. However, it is the one of the few reliable places to purchase a true travel game changer: keychain Sriracha sauces. It’s counterintuitive, but if you spend this money on two empty bottles now, you can fill them at your destination with your favorite sauce, so then, you can pick up bland, cheap foods knowing full well you practically have the cheat code to flavor on your keychain. Spend the money to save the money here, people.

Matt Westenburg

So, there they are: four apps to help limit your expense excuses for not traveling. Although Steinbeck disregarded financials, he wasn’t wrong. Hopefully, this lets a trip “take” you further.