If you’ve never found love abroad, you might be looking in all the wrong places. There’s no official list of countries with the most beautiful men and women because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we’ve done our best. These countries are notable for having plenty of attractive people.

Beautiful women


With olive-colored complexions and dark brown hair, Italian women are famous for their Mediterranean looks. Italian women tend to have an infectious confidence and carry themselves with pride. Their beauty and fashion sense also makes them contenders on our list of the most beautiful women in the world.


Brazilian women are known for their vivacious personalities that shine through during national festivals, such as Carnival. Athletic bodies, with a special appreciation for Brazilian butts, are one of the reasons people love Brazilian women. Gisele Bündchen, one the world’s top models, was born in Southern Brazil.


Turkish women are not always considered in the rankings of countries with beautiful women, but they are definitely worth noting. Women from Turkey carry themselves with regal pride and project a sense of splendor that gets them noticed. This attitude is captured in photographs and in TV series starring Turkish women.

Matt Westenburg


Venezuelan women have won numerous international beauty contests, more than any other country. Their tall, slender bodies complement their attractive faces and appeal to people around the globe.


Russian women are a natural blend of western and eastern features. With well-balanced figures, fair skin, high cheek bones, and blue eyes, Russian women are celebrated for their beauty.

Handsome men


Japanese men adhere to strict diet and exercise routines. Their dedication to health and wellness gives them great figures, which helps them rock their fashionable wardrobes. Behind their dark, mysteries eyes lies an intellectual nature common to Japanese men.

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Spanish men are warm and open with their affection. Bright eyes reflect their passion as sports fans and lovers. Handsome Spaniards have been winning hearts with their playful, romantic charms for as long as they’ve been running with the bulls and sipping sangria. They’ve definitely earned a place on our list of handsome men.


Italy is famous for its beautiful men as much as it’s recognized for its beautiful women. Italian men have everything from attractive looks, good fashion sense, and dazzling charm. With tanned skin, gorgeous eyes and dark hair, they attract women with both their smolder and their street style. Their tendency to perform grand romantic gestures also scores Italian men extra points on the list of the world’s most handsome men.

United Kingdom

If the accent isn’t enough to make women melt, men from the United Kingdom have the good looks to back it up. Englishmen are known for being elegant, polite and treating women like royalty. They also boast strong jawlines and athletic figures.


Australia produced Hollywood hunks like the Hemsworth brothers and Heath Ledger. That alone makes it a contender for a place with the world’s most attractive men. Men from Australia have silky hair, sun-soaked skin, and irresistible bodies.