Caffeine-free ways to jolt your energy

A morning energy jolt from sugary caffeine drinks might seem like the only way to get your day started, but you have other options. Here are some caffeine-free ways to boost your energy and reduce your dependence on coffee.

Turn off your phone, turn up your energy

Spending more time on your smartphone or electronic device can make it more difficult to stay focused on one task. With constant distractions from text messages, emails and games, it’s no wonder people find it more difficult to pay attention. Using electronics before bed or checking them in the middle of the night disrupts your sleep patterns. This disruption will leave you feeling sluggish and sleepy. Experts agree if you want to stay focused, step away from the screens.

Let the light shine

For an easier start to your morning, let the light shine. Sunlight exposure naturally wakes up your brain and keeps your biological clock on track. Sunshine also effectively boosts your mood and your energy levels. This is especially beneficial for people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Matt Westenburg

Stop and smell the herbs

Aroma therapy from the essential oils in rosemary is linked to improved cognitive performance. Research is ongoing, but scientists are confident in the fragrant benefits of rosemary herbs.

Sing a song

There’s a reason birds fill the morning with song. Singing and rhythm tapping increase energy and decrease tiredness. There’s now scientific evidence to support your performance as you belt out popular tunes and drum the steering wheel during your morning commute.


Laughter is the best medicine for drowsiness and stress. The movement stretches your muscles, increases your pulse and makes you breathe faster. Combined, these benefits have the same effect as light exercise, which helps reduce stress and increase alertness.

Drink water

Hydrating throughout the day with plenty of water can improve your mood. Dehydration commonly causes fatigue, difficulty concentrating and irritability.

Matt Westenburg

Chew gum

Chewing gum will freshen your mind while it freshens your breath. Gum chewers are more alert and have a better mood than people who don’t chew gum.

Put pressure on your “kiss point”

Applying pressure to you “kiss point” is a simple way to increase your energy level and stimulate alertness. Using your fingertip, press into the area between your upper lip and your nose.

Get active

Physical activity effectively boosts your energy and your mood. Stand up, take a walk, practice some office stretches or explore another activity to get your blood pumping throughout the day.

If you’re really tired, try taking a walk in the sunshine while singing, smelling rosemary and drinking water.