Cool Corporate Culture: Where Work Is All About Play

People associate startups with an office culture of hoodies and jeans. While it’s true that corporate is becoming causal, there are some businesses that blur the lines between work and play. Check out these cool corporations and polish your resume.


Asana is an application that’s designed to help teams track their workflow and work together. To help their own team members work well, Asana offers its employees free yoga classes and an in-office chef. If a full belly doesn’t satisfy your office goals, the staff receives a $10,000 allowance to use for customizing their desk area.

Matt Westenburg

Cogeco Peer 1

Peer 1 Hosting employees get to take advantage of a movie theater, a pub, a putting green and a giant slide without ever leaving the office. The Peer 1 office in London has the big slide but there are cool offices around the world. A subsidiary of Cogeco Communications Inc., Cogeco Peer 1 offers customers reliable and secure access to move and store data.


Adobe is best known for their creative suite of products but they got creative with their office space too. For two months every year, the office shuts down and all the employees take a vacation. They have a full-sized basketball court, comfortable employee lounges and a room full of instruments for employees to jam out. Adobe has established itself as a company that values a work/life balance in all of its offices around the world.

Matt Westenburg


If music is your motivation, apply at Spotify. Spotify employees get musical lunches when top artists come for private performances. Plus, the office has ping pong tables, video games and concert tickets as additional perks.


If you’ve seen Vince Vaughn and Own Wilson in The Internship, you have a pretty good idea of how sweet the Google campus is. You can go to work and get a haircut, do your laundry and play video games to name a few things. It’s an actual company policy that employees have to be within a certain distance of food always so food and coffee drinks everywhere. If you don’t believe me, google it.