Matt Westenburg Talks Coffee Recepies

Bored of your morning coffee routine? Mix it up with these fun and fancy coffee recipes. Some use basic ingredients to make a delicious drink and others spike your brew to spice up your day.

Cafe au laitM/h2>

Cafe au lait is made with regular brewed coffee with a fancy twist. To make this drink you just pour warm, steamed milk and strongly brewed coffee simultaneously into a mug. The ratios don’t have to be exact, but it’s generally supposed to be about half milk and half coffee.

Mocha cocoa

For hot chocolate lovers who need a burst of caffeine, try a mocha cocoa drink. Simply make hot chocolate as directed on the pouch and pour in a couple tablespoons of brewed coffee. If you want to further customize the drink, make your hot chocolate from scratch with milk, cocoa powder, brown sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla.

Matt Westenburg

Affogato al caffé

On a hot, summer morning, start the day with an affogato al caffé, which is a fancy name for vanilla ice cream and coffee. To make this chilly coffee drink, just put a scoop of ice cream into a mug and pour a hot shot of espresso over it. Enjoy right away as the ice cream starts to melt into your espresso, creating a creamy coffee concoction.

Espresso martini

An espresso martini is the perfect drink to boost your energy day or night. Simply combine a splash of vodka, espresso, and Kahlúa. Shake the drink with ice before straining it into your martini glass. Now you’re ready to serve and enjoy this jolt of java.

Irish coffee

To make your own Irish coffee start with one cup of hot brewed coffee and add a shot of Irish cream liqueur and an ounce of Irish whiskey. Top the drink with a dollop of cool whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg.

The wake-up call

If your wake-up call came a little too early this morning, a wake-up call coffee drink will get you through the day. This drink is made with vodka, coffee, triple-sec, and milk. Combine the liquids and shake them well with ice. After you strain the wake up call into your glass, add some coffee beans on top for a fun garnish.

Matt Westenburg

Spanish coffee

Spanish coffee is made from a few ounces of Tia Maria liqueur, rum, and hot coffee. Top your spiked Spanish coffee with whipped cream and a cherry. For a more extreme version of this drink, try flaming Spanish coffee. Coat the rim of your glass with sugar and pour a half shot of rum into the glass. Flame the rum while turning the glass to caramelize the sugar. Add a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg while the rum is still flaming. The next step is to pour coffee, Kahlúa, and triple-sec into your glass, topping it with whipped cream. Either way you prepare it, this drink is muy bien!