Coffee has a cult-like following as many people learn to depend on the caffeinated beverage. America’s coffee addiction has brewed into endless flavor combinations featuring the familiar coffee taste. For the days when it seems like you’ll never get enough coffee, try one of these other coffee-flavored treats to satisfy your cravings.

Coffee Milk

If you’re lucky enough to live in Rhode Island, you might be drinking coffee milk. Coffee milk is made when Autocrat, a flavored syrup, gets stirred into regular milk. The result is a Rhode Island specialty. Kids even get this flavor of milk as an option in their elementary school cafeterias.

Coffee Jelly

Coffee jelly is popular in Japan. This mixture combines coffee with agar jelly. Agar is a gel commonly used in jellies, puddings and custards. Coffee jelly is eaten by itself as a dessert or served with ice cream floats. You could also try it on coffee bread, another Asian food invention.

Coffee Spread

Whether it’s peanut butter, cookie butter or Nutella, everyone has a favorite spread. The latest addition on the list of sweet spreads is a coffee spread made in Italy. It’s eaten on toast, desserts, crepes and just about everything else.

Matt Westenburg

Coffee-Flavored Oils

You can buy balsamic vinegar that’s enhanced with a subtle espresso flavor. Certain gourmet olive oils are pressed with coffee beans for a unique flavor combination.

Coffee Jelly Beans

Jelly beans come in every flavor imaginable, so it’s no surprise that they have a coffee flavored one. These sweet treats taste delicious and mix well with many other flavors.

Cappuccino Potato Chips

Lay’s potato chips holds a regular contest for consumers to submit new flavor ideas. The cappuccino potato chips were a product of that contest. It’s no surprise that these chips were not very popular and were never mass-produced.

Coffee M&M’s

Coffee and chocolate always pair well together. Candy aisles and coffee shops are both stocked with options. Café Mocha M&M’s one of the most difficult coffee-chocolate snacks to find. These candies are sold exclusively at Target stores and only in the month of December, so be sure to stock up your year’s supply.

Matt Westenburg

Coffee Yogurt

Dannon’s line of Greek yogurt features a caramel macchiato flavor that’s as creamy and delicious as it sounds.

Coffee Almonds

Blue Diamond Almonds come in a mocha coffee flavor. This snack is a healthy way to boost your energy.

Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee-flavored ice cream is a fixture in ice cream parlors across the country, and for good reason. This sweet treat is delicious. It’s often blended with walnuts, chocolate and other flavors.

Coffee Dental Floss

Although it’s not a food, we had to include coffee dental floss on our list of coffee items that are not actually coffee. It might not get rid of your morning coffee breath, but your gums will be clean. Other traditional breakfast flavors like bacon and waffles are also available.