Traveling around the world is the best, but long flights are the worst. Hours spent airborne can make you feel antsy, anxious and just plain uncomfortable. Avoid long flight frustrations by planning ahead with this airplane advice.

Get comfy

The first thing to ask yourself when you’re getting ready for a long-distance flight is “Who are you trying to impress?” Don’t torture yourself in tight, uncomfortable clothes when you’re going to spend the next 10 hours sitting in a compact airplane seat. I’m not recommending you check in wearing full-fledged pajamas, but think about a casual hoodie with loose-fitting jeans. Instead of heels, wear flats with socks. Cold airplanes make for cold, uncomfortable feet. Nobody expects you to step off of a long flight runway ready, so dress comfortably. A few hours into the flight you’ll be glad you did.

Matt Westenburg

Smooth skin for a smooth flight

The air quality inside the plane is not good for your skin. You’ll be more comfortable if you remember to pack lotion and chapstick. Also keep this in mind when you’re putting on makeup before a flight. A natural face will not only be more comfortable than several layers of makeup, but it will also be better for your skin.

Drink up

Flying is detrimental to your skin because the air is dry. This same dry air also dehydrates your body faster than normal. To combat excessive dehydration during a long flight, drink plenty of water. Your body needs to hydrate, so avoid alcohol, soda and coffee. These drinks not only dehydrate, but also make it harder to sleep.

Matt Westenburg

No noise, no problems

Next to your passport and your boarding pass, noise-canceling headphones are the most important thing to remember on an international flight. The crying baby next to you and the snoring man in the row behind you won’t matte when you drown them out with your favorite movie, book or playlist. If you’re not committed to the noise-canceling headphones purchase, then bring earplugs at the very least.

Airplane activities

Being stuck in the air for hours can be a frustrating waste of time, but try to make the best of it. That time can be used to catch up on sleep, watch the movie that’s been on your queue for weeks, read the past chapter one in the book you started last month, or just spend some quiet time to yourself. Puzzles, color books and knitting are other relaxing ways to pass time on a plane. If you get nauseous, however, don’t force yourself to be productive. Consider investing in motion sickness medicine for your next flight.