Fitness fibs: Part 2

Believing everything you hear about health and fitness will not only limit your progress, but it could also lead to injury. Here is more truth behind common misconceptions regarding exercise.

Fib: Women who lift will bulk up

Too many women chain themselves to cardio equipment in an effort to avoid bulking up and becoming too muscular. The reality is that females generally have less muscle tissue and lower testosterone levels. This means that they’re much less likely build brawny muscles than men. Ladies, get off the elliptical and pick up some dumbbells.

Matt Westenburg

Fib: No pain, no gain

This is phrase has become a mantra for meatheads and gym rats, and for good reason. In order to see fitness results you have to push through a reasonable amount of discomfort. It’s important to know the difference between normal pain and painful pain. Your exercise should not hurt while you’re doing it. When your body is sending painful signals, take them seriously. If you continue to push yourself too far and force that movement you’re more likely to suffer from injury.

Fib: All stretches, all the time

Stretching is an important part of exercise, but static stretches before your workout can reduce your performance. Static stretches are the traditional stretching movements, like touching our toes. After your workout, static stretching can help you recover, so don’t totally write it off, but there are better ways to begin your workout. Dynamic stretches activate your muscles and improve your range of motion. Knee to chest, lunges with a twist and high kicks are all examples of dynamic stretches.

Matt Westenburg

Fib: Only exercise, no diet

It’s true that cardio and strength exercises are great ways to burn fat and shed pounds. Plus, after you finish a strong workout, your metabolism will burn at a slightly higher rate. Exercise is absolutely fundamental to fitness, but so is your diet. You can’t achieve your fitness goals while still consuming large amounts of sugary, fatty, unhealthy foods. Getting good results out of your workouts starts by putting in good, nutritious fuel.