Matt Westenburg Talks Glamping

People love to camp. Except for the fact that camping involves sleeping on the hard ground for a bed, living in dirt and experiencing an overall discomfort. For those of us who have no desire to rough it, but appreciate an opportunity to experience nature’s beauty, there’s a better way. There’s a new style of glamorous camping, and it’s officially called glamping.

Glamping philosophy

Glamping takes many forms with many different degrees of luxury, but its fundamental philosophy doesn’t change. Glampers aim to provide sustainable, quasi-outdoor lodging for travelers to enjoy nature in comfort and style.

Glamping infuses the comforts of home into the ruggedness of nature. Imagine sturdy tent structures with queen beds and dressers for your clothes, or a tiny cabin with a sparkling chandelier and a cozy rug by the fire. Some glampers enjoy a bird’s eye view of the wilderness as they spend the night in a glamorous treehouse. That is glamping. Glamping experiences vary depending on where you are, but some offer the same luxuries found in hotels and resorts. This combination of modern amenities and adventure first popped up in the United Kingdom back in 2005. Since then, glampers have set up camp around the globe.

Matt Westenburg

Although glamping seems like a relatively modern experience, the first glampers were the kings and queens of ancient history. When royalty would travel, they brought plenty of fanfare with them and established large, elaborate camps.

Local glamping

Glamorous camping has even made its way to the Midwest. Slattery Village Estates near Nehawka, Nebraska offers glamping with vineyard views. Visitors don’t have to worry about packing any camping gear. The bungalows are furnished with full beds, dressers, mirrors, coffee, and electricity. Iowa has three glamping locations. The units at Country Side Caravans outside of Red Haw State Park feature hot water. Moon River Cabin Resort is located along the Mississippi River and offers guests four cabins with kitchenettes and restrooms. Southwest of Winterset in Pammel State Park, glampers can rent yurts for a glamorous camping adventure.

Matt Westenburg

Pack your bags and get ready to begin your next outdoor adventure. You’ll rest easy known that instead of roughing it, you can enjoy comforts like a soft bed and hot water with your fellow glampers at your glampsite.