Like every life event, before you run a triathlon you have to ask the question “What am I going to wear?” The proper triathlon outfit will not only make you look super sporty, but it will also make sure the race goes smoothly. What you wear during a triathlon can help you speed through transitions or slow your time as you fumble with outfit changes.

Tri suits or swim suits?

Many triathletes look for outfits that they can wear throughout each event. Even if you add wet suits, jackets or other layers, keeping your base clothing the same will help you switch events faster. Wearing a swimsuit throughout the triathlon will save money, but it’s not always the best option. Swimsuits can be uncomfortable during the biking and running portions of the race. Even though triathlons are not beauty pageants, swimsuits are not the most flattering apparel.

Matt Westenburg

Tri kits

Triathlon suits or kits are worn throughout the race. Sometimes they’re worn under wetsuits or sweatsuits, but they’re functional for swimming, biking and running so you won’t have to do a complete outfit change. The kit styles are available in one piece and two piece options. If you’re just starting to invest in triathlons, start with purchasing the tri suit bottoms and match them with a regular workout top. Anther thing to keep in mind when wearing two piece suits is that they are less complicated when if you have to use the bathroom. Make sure to train in your triathlon kit before the race so you’re familiar with the way it feels.

Your kit needs to have a snug fit because if it’s too big it will sag in the water. Specialized triathlon bottoms prevent chafing and bunching, keeping you comfortable throughout every leg of the race. The triathlon suits are manufactured to keep your body cool and protected from the sun. The material dries quickly and has a small amount of padding for the biking portion. Made of moisture wicking fabric, tri suits are designed for comfort during every leg of your triathlon.

Matt Westenburg

Triathlon check list

Many triathletes depend on race belts to carry their snacks and fuels sources. These belts are also a great place to pin your bib number. Other important triathlon gear includes a pair of goggles, a towel, a bike helmet and a water bottle. People also look for a way to shield their eyes from the sun, whether they use a hat, sunglasses or both depends on the triathlete.

Figuring out what to wear to your next triathlon can be as stressful as the training. Keep race day simple with a specially designed triathlon suit. These outfits will move with you as you swim, bike and run to the finish line. Plus, you’ll look like a total pro in the finish line photos.