Matt Westenburg Talks Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is one the best ways to start a hot summer day, but it has a group of dedicated followers who drink it all year. For the people who swear by their iced coffees, there’s good news. Experts are saying there may be some additional health benefits to drinking your coffee with ice.

The two main brewing methods

Only certain iced coffees have health benefits. Iced coffee is made one of two ways. One method requires you to brew hot coffee normally and then waiting for it to cool. To speed up the cooling process, some people put it in a refrigerator or pour it over ice. The second iced coffee brewing technique is a simple cold-brew cup of coffee. With cold-brews, the coffee is never hot. The cold water spends hours steeping through the coffee grounds.

Matt Westenburg

Iced coffee is easier to digest and prepare

Hot coffee is a highly acidic drink, which can cause people to have upset stomachs. Cold-brew coffee has lower acidity. This means it is easier for your body to digest. In addition to smoother digestion, cold-brew coffee tends to have a better flavor. The acidity in hot coffee alters the taste, making it more bitter. Iced coffee drinks will be sweeter and smoother than regular hot coffee.

There are many different ways to brew a hot cup of coffee, and some of them require a lot of time and effort. One of the benefits of cold-brew coffee is its low-maintenance preparation. To make a fresh brew for your daily iced coffee, just set up the grounds and the filter and let the water soak through overnight.

Matt Westenburg

Treat yourself

Iced coffee is truly wonderful, but there are some reasons to stick with your traditional cup of hot coffee. Iced coffee tends to have more calories than hot coffee, like a lot more. People usually drink iced coffee with a large amount of sugars, sweeteners, and creamers. These ingredients can lead to an increase in body fat and other health problems. Health professionals emphasize the importance of moderation. A daily obsession with iced coffee can have negative side effects, but the occasional iced coffee treat is a sweet reward.