The people you meet when you’re traveling often become your most valuable companions. They might live across the world from you, but the bonds you form during your travel adventures will lead to lifetime connections. Whether you met them in an airport, in a club or while you wandering around an unfamiliar street, travel friends are truly the best friends.


Travel friends only know you in the here and now. It’s an opportunity for you to be yourself without the baggage of your past. The people you meet on your travels don’t weigh you down with expectations, so you’re free to be your truest self. Friendships formed during your adventures offer you a fresh start and a new perspective. Both of these are rare and valuable in today’s interconnected online world.

Matt Westenburg

Freedom outside your comfort zone

As you explore a new city that’s full of unknowns, you will likely be far from your comfort zone. This creates an opportunity for friendships you never would have expected. In their isolation and vulnerability, people often find courage to speak up and build connections with strangers. They also find that they’re more open-minded to different hobbies, interests and perspectives on life. Travel friends don’t know you well enough to confine your personality into a single category. This realization frees people to live without the fear of judgment.

Emotional connections

People who explore a new place together will experience all kinds of situations that create deeper connections. Whether you’re excited about the national landmark you just visited or you’re frustrated because you can’t overcome the language barrier, friends traveling together share all of the emotions that come along with it. Travel friends help support you during the difficult times and celebrate with you during some of the best moments of your life. When you look back on your travels, your memories will be filled with the people who experienced it with you.

Matt Westenburg

Expand your network

The bonds formed during your travels all come from unique places and interesting circumstances. It’s only natural that these chance connections lead to meaningful friendships. The relationships you form on your adventures can expand beyond friendships too. It’s an opportunity to develop your professional network. That one time your flight got delayed and you were stuck in an airport for hours becomes how you were introduced to that successful business owner who opens doors for your career to advance. Take advantage of the opportunities you have to branch out and reach the people next to you.