No matter what you’re looking for in a vacation destination, Southeast Asia offers it and more. With bustling cosmopolitan areas, ancient temples, towering mountains and pristine beaches, Southeast Asia is a traveler’s paradise. The Southeast Asian region includes countries like Indonesia, Thailand,

Malaysia and Singapore. Each of these destinations offers a unique travel experience but all of them are spectacular.

Affordable living

Food, drinks and lodging throughout Southeast Asia are much more affordable than in America or Europe. Since massages are cheaper in Asia too, you can relax knowing that your vacation won’t break the bank. Travel throughout the region is low cost too.

Matt Westenburg

Accessible travel

Travel throughout Southeast Asia is not only affordable, but it’s also accessible. The area is connected with trains, buses, budget airlines and tuk tuks. Tuk Tuks are bicycle taxis, and they’re perhaps the most iconic mode of transportation in the region.

Incredible food

The food in Southeast Asia is completely different from what we’re used to seeing in the US. Instead of apples, oranges and grapes, you’ll be able to try fruits like mangosteen, snakefruit and durian. Other must-have meals include authentic Vietnamese Pho or Malaysian curry. Bangkok, Thailand is famous for its street snacks. The food in this region is as vibrant and diverse as the people.

Matt Westenburg

Natural beauty

Natural beauty and wildlife are preserved throughout the region. Even in the most populated areas, you’re never far from an outdoor escape. Orchids in Singapore is a 15-acre garden full of native plants and flowers.

Stunning beaches

Miles of stunning beaches provide plenty of space for relaxation. The beach is perfect for when you’re lounging in a hammock and swaying in the ocean breeze. When you’re ready to dive into the water, however, you’ll be glad you did. Southeast Asia boasts some of the world’s best snorkeling and diving spots. Many areas offer training for people who want to experience the ocean but aren’t already certified.

Rich history

Southeast Asia was home to some of the oldest civilizations in the world. These ancient people left behind a rich history that has been preserved with over 30 World Heritage Sites. These impressive landmarks are scattered throughout the region. Visitors marvel at ancient temples, historic villages and awe-inspiring mountains.