Sports and nutrition start-ups grow from Nebraska roots

Lincoln, Nebraska was once identified only by cornfields and Cornhuskers. Today, this area is earning a reputation as the country’s Silicon Prairie because of the innovated businesses that are growing from its fertile soil. Here are some of the exciting ideas for the sports and nutrition industries that are growing from Nebraska roots.

Bulu Box

Bulu Box is a service designed to keep consumers achieve the wellness and fitness goals. Every month, Bulu Box sends you 4-5 premium nutrition samples. You get to test these products from top brands before deciding whether or not to purchase them. The monthly box comes with surveys. If you complete a survey about the products you receive, you can earn points, which helps you get a full-sized version of your favorite products. The Bulu Box community wants you to succeed, so they also offer tips to support your health journey. Plus, Bulu Box members have a fun name. Bulugans unite!

Matt Westenburg

Golf Status

Golf Status tees up your favorite golf courses on a mobile app. Compatible with both Android and IOS operating systems, the Golf status app makes it easier for golfers to stay connected with their favorite courses and for golf courses to engage with their members. The app allows golfers to interact with each other, celebrating good shots and low scores in a virtual community. Players can also accumulate rewards and track their game. Courses can send updates about promotions, tee-times, and other golf course events to support business.


Lockr is an app that helps you step up your game by getting coaches organized. It keeps coaches organized by collecting their plays and game plans. These can be shared with other coaches and players to keep everyone connected and in the game. You can create practice schedules and workouts, taking notes throughout to use for future reference. With the information stored in this app, it’s easy to track your team’s progress. Coaches appreciate the ability to use data and analytics to support their decisions both in the game and in practice.

Matt Westenburg


InjuReplay is another app coming out of the Silicon Prairie that helps coaches, athletes, and parents understand sports injuries and treat them correctly. The app provides information about each body part and what sports-related injuries it’s prone to. InjuReplay suggests the proper techniques for a faster recovery, such as knowing when to ice a high ankle sprain or apply heat to it. Whether you’re following your favorite professional athletes virtually through fantasy leagues and social media, or cheering along the sidelines of your child’s game, InjuReplay puts sports injury knowledge in your hands.

The Silicon Prairie continues to develop innovative business ideas for the future of sports and nutrition. Local start-ups like these are making a name for themselves on a national level. Lincoln, Nebraska is still recognized for its fertile soil, but today it yields promising business opportunities in addition to crops.