Matt Westenburg Talks Travel Tips

Transportation is a big part of traveling. Wherever you go, the unfamiliar setting makes it more difficult to get around. Air travel is one of the most common methods of transportation, but it’s also one of the most expensive. Once you arrive at your destination, taxis and other car services are a popular way to get around, but they’re not always the best way to see a city. Here are some alternative transportation methods to consider whether you’re a local traveling to work, a tourist traveling abroad, or a visitor traveling around a new city.

Cars and car rentals

Whether you rent a car or drive your own, cars are a fun way to travel. Road trips allow you to see the countryside, take detours and spend quality time with your travel buddies. Plus, it’s often a lot cheaper than airfare and you’re able to set your own schedule. When you reach your destination, consider where you will park and how much that costs. Also, keep in mind different traffic laws if you’re driving internationally.

Matt Westenburg

Boats and ferries

Water transportation offers many benefits for travel across rivers, oceans, lakes or any other body of water. Besides the fact that it’s usually a cheaper option, boats and ferries operate with lower maintenance costs compared to trains and roadways. Although boat travel can take longer, passengers have the opportunity to enjoy waterfront scenery. Cruises make transportation a destination by offering passengers a wide variety of onboard activities to entertain people while they’re traveling to their destination.

Bike rentals

Bike rentals are available in most major cities and have become an efficient and cost-effective way to get around. Locals and tourists alike are recognizing the benefits of bike sharing programs. This convenient form of transportation is also environmentally friendly and encourages healthy lifestyles through physical activity. Having stations scattered around cities makes the bikes more accessible for everyone. Tourists have the opportunity to see all the sights while pedaling around town. Be aware of how traffic laws though affect bikers, though, and wear a helmet for protection.

Matt Westenburg

Foot travel

Traveling on foot is a great way to incorporate some exercise into your sightseeing excursions or your daily commute. Not only is this free, but it also presents a lot of health benefits. Walking has been proven to reduce anxiety, improve your mood and give you an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful day. Depending on the traffic patterns, the distance, and the roadways, walking can be a more efficient means of transportation. Make sure to have an alternative plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Depending on the weather, that can mean wearing rain boots or snow boots and bringing a second pair of office shoes. Tourists who travel on foot get to experience the city like a local and explore what’s off the beaten path.

Subways and streetcars

Subway transportation systems operate underground and streetcars offer transportation above ground. Both of these methods offer an efficient way for locals and tourists to travel around a city. Streetcars and subway systems can be confusing to navigate, but they are able to carry more people and reduce traffic more effectively than buses. Tourists often have the option to purchase temporary passes for a limited number of rides, which makes it a cost-effective way to get around a new city.

Whether you’re traveling to work, traveling to your vacation destination or traveling around a new city, we’re all traveling somewhere. Alternate transportation methods can benefit your health, reduce costs and offer a change of scene to your travels.