Travel north for endless summer day

When there aren’t enough hours in the day, visit a place where it’s sunny all day, every day. During the summer months it never gets dark in the northernmost places on the globe, like Norway, Sweden, Finland and Alaska. These areas fall within the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Circle includes everywhere above a specific latitude. For example, in Svalbaard, Norway the sun shines constantly from April through August.

Matt Westenburg

More sun time, more fun time

A summer trip to the Arctic Circle is perfect for when you’re trying to pack a big adventure into a small amount of time. Your kids will love living in a world without bedtimes. When it never gets dark you can maximize your travel experience. Stores are open later, and people are out wandering around at all hours of the day. There’s more time to shop and sightsee. Many of the countries within the Arctic Circle are full of gorgeous natural landscapes. With so much sunshine, there’s more time to hike around and witness the spectacular views.

Sleep tight when it’s bright

When people are visiting a place that’s always day and never night, their biological clocks get all out of whack. Sleeping is a time for our bodies to naturally reset and recharge. We associate darkness with bedtime, so if it doesn’t get dark our bodies get confused. Locals adjust to the constant brightness, but tourists might have trouble sleeping and feeling tired. Be sure to include a sleeping mask or some melatonin as you pack for your Arctic Circle adventure.

Matt Westenburg

Sunny summers, dark winters

If the Arctic Circle stays sunny in the summer time, it must also stay dark in the winter. While people enjoy endless sun for much of the year, they also live through weeks where the sun never rises. The dark winter months are much less popular with tourists, although it does offer an opportunity to see the northern lights.

The Artic Circle offers extra sunshine throughout the summer months, giving you a chance to fill your trip with exploration and adventure. Even though most people think of heading south for sunny vacations, maximize your travels by going north for endless sunny days.