Workout watch list: 6 shows for treadmill entertainment

Time spent on a treadmill drags on forever in a vortex of despair. I’m pretty sure every hour I spend on those belts of boredom actually takes about five years of my life. That might be a slight exaggeration, but time definitely seems to crawl during treadmill workouts. One of the best ways to stay distracted and finish your distance workout on a treadmill is to watch TV. Here are some of the best shows for your treadmill entertainment.

Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire follows the men and women who work in a firehouse in downtown Chicago. The combination of intense action scenes and steamy romantic relationships really turn the heat on this show. Plus you’ll never run out of episodes if you branch into Chicago PD, Chicago Med and Chicago Justice. These shows each have their own characters and action-filled storylines, but characters regularly crossover into the other shows.

Matt Westenburg


Olivia Pope is Washington’s most clever and fabulous badass. Watching her get her clients’ lives in shape will keep you entertained while you’re getting yourself in shape. This political thriller will keep you engaged during long treadmill runs.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen’s show is a fun and funny way to spend your treadmill time. With an endless combination of celebrity guests and charming children, Ellen will having you laughing all the way to your cool-down. Another good option is The Late Late Show with James Corden. His Carpool Karaoke segments will have you laughing and singing for miles.

Matt Westenburg

The Office

If Michael Scott can motivate Dunder Mifflin to be the best mid-range paper company in Scranton, he can certainly motivate you to run a few extra miles. The wacky antics and hilarious characters in The Office will provide nine seasons of treadmill entertainment.

Pretty Little Liars

This show barely made the list because the last couple seasons definitely start to drag on for way too long. That being said, the first seasons of PLL are full of steamy romances and addicting storylines. All the excitement will make you want to keep running just to find out what happens in the next episode.

Fixer Upper

Besides the fact that Chip and Joanna Gaines are adorable and fun to watch, Fixer Upper is a great distraction while I’m running. My mind is constantly thinking of ways to redecorate and remodel my house as I get new ideas from the show. My bursts of inspiration keep me running through my workout so I can run to the nearest home improvement store.