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Fitness fibs

Written by Matt Westenburg

With more than 18 years of experience as a certified public accountant, Matt has helped companies develop & validate business models, raise capital and provide management expertise. He enjoys working with entrepreneurs who are passionate about achieving their goals and bettering the community. He was voted the Silicon Prairie “Service Provider of the Year” and has been recognized multiple times for his contributions to the local entrepreneurial community.

The fitness industry is full of “experts” who suggest the latest and best when it comes to meeting your exercise goals. Unfortunately, this means people regularly get bad information about how to make the most of their workouts. We want to help you shed those extra pounds, so we’re going to shed some light on the truth behind common fitness fibs.

Fib: You can crunch your way to a flat stomach

Crunches seem to be everyone’s go-to core exercise, but experts are telling you to save your sit-ups. This movement doesn’t burn very many calories and only engages a small section of your abdominal muscles. Performing crunches without the proper form leads to discomfort. Without a proper mat beneath you for cushion, crunches can lead to spinal fractures. Instead of crunches, try exercises that include more of your abdominal muscles, like planks and bridges. Cardio and other fat burning exercises will help you blast the fat around your midsection.

Fib: The more you sweat, the better the workout

Sweating is your body’s natural response to regulate its internal temperature. When you sweat, your body is working to cool you down, so more sweat could be a sign that the gym is warmer than normal or it’s a hot day outside. It doesn’t necessarily mean your body is burning more fat. When you do break a sweat, make sure to rehydrate with plenty of water.

Fib: Running will ruin your knees

A recent study compared knees on runners and non-runners. The results showed that runners’ knees were no less healthy than their non-running counterparts. Just like any athletic activity, however, there are risks involved with running. It’s important to include strength-training workouts into your fitness routine to build strong quadriceps and hamstring muscles. These muscle groups help protect your joints from regular wear and tear and prevent injuries.

Fib: There’s no rest for the weary

Rest days are an important part of fitness and exercise. Your body needs time to recover. Overtraining does not produce results and commonly leads to injury. Whatever your fitness level is, take a day or two of rest during the week.

We want to help you shed those extra pounds, so we’re going to shed some light on the truth behind common fitness fibs.

Fib: Sports drinks are healthy

Sports drinks are an effective way to help your body recover after an intense cardio workout or lengthy lifting session at they gym. The electrolytes are helpful in these situations, but in general, sports drinks are full of sugar. Avoid drinking sports drinks unless you actually need them.

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